Welcome to 'Squeeky Cheeks'

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At Squeeky Cheeks you'll find all sorts of cute & practical things for your new (or not so new) bub and maybe a few things for Mum as well...

A range of 'Squeeky Cheeks' Toddler Hats, Kids Clothing & Nappy Covers are often in stock or if you don't see exactly what you're after in stock, it can be custom made to your requirements. Please contact me for availability of Custom Spots or keep an eye out on the Facebook page

All 'Squeeky Cheeks' items are completely handmade, either sewn or knitted, by myself, so you can be assured of quality.

Join my Facebook page and you will be one of the first to know about any new arrivals at my store & also any specials, discounts & giveaways.
I also hold regular 'Market Nights', usually monthly, with all details posted on the FaceBook page.

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